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Trend Pieces:

“This Huge Oscars’ Gender Inequality Problem Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight For Years” (Bustle)

“Hollywood’s Biased Definitions Of ‘Heroism’ And ‘Bravery'” (Bustle)

“Why Jennifer Lawrence Gets Cast As Older Than She Is, Time & Time Again” (Bustle)


“The ‘Transparent’ Season 4 Cast Say The Amazon Series Has Made Them Question Their Own Assigned Identities” (Interview with Jill Soloway, Judith Light, Amy Landecker, Rob Huebel, Gaby Hoffman, and Jay Duplass for Bustle)

“What Sofia Coppola Really Thinks About Those ‘The Beguiled’ Racism Accusations” (Interview with Sofia Coppola for Bustle)

“‘She’s Gotta Have It’s Cleo Anthony Got A Crash Course In Being Woke From Spike Lee (Interview with actor Cleo Anthony for Bustle)

“Lizz Winstead Has Superpowers” (Interview with Lizz Winstead for Splitsider)

“How Radical Is It to Not Wear Makeup? A Conversation on Beauty” (Interview with author Autumn Whitefield-Madrano for Heleo)

Opinion Pieces About TV Shows & Films:

‘The Disaster Artist’ Wants You To Root For Its Underdog Hero But Here’s Why You Actually Shouldn’t (Bustle)

“How This ‘Suburbicon’ Scene Sums Up White Feminism In The Most Depressing Way” (Bustle)

“Chance The Rapper Calls Out ‘Bright’ For Its Depiction Of Race & He’s Completely Right” (Bustle)

“Why Marty is the one who got away on ‘Gilmore Girls'” (HelloGiggles)

Current Events:

“Norma McCorvy, Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, dies at 69 — but her legacy will live on forever” (HelloGiggles)

“Charles Barkley is worried about ‘girls basketball’ style catching on and we have some questions” (HelloGiggles)

“Don’t Care About Virtual Reality? Here’s Why You Should” (Heleo)


“‘Nothing is Going to Get Better. It’s Not’ And More Dr. Seuss Quotes That Fit Today’s… Situation” (BullshitIst)

“The Avant Gardener” (Medium)