HELLO. My name is Angelica Florio.

I am a freelance writer whose work has been published by Vogue, InStyle, Parents, GlamourVoxBustlePlayboy, and more. I also have experience in documentary filmmaking and radio show production.

Below you will find my portfolio, bio, and contact information.

Happy scrolling! Each background image is from my travels through Italy in 2014, an inspiring pilgrimage which I think about often.


Below are links to selected published clips. As a current Contributing Writer for HelloGiggles and Bustle, many more of my work exists, which you can find Here and Here.

Cultural Commentary

Real Housewives is a product placement paradise. But fans say the series recently went too far. (Vox)

The Outcry Over Samantha Bee Makes Me Wonder: Is the C-Word Really That Terrible? (Glamour)

Celebrating 50 Years of the Hitachi Magic Wand, The World’s Most Unexpected Sex Toy (Playboy)

This Huge Oscars’ Gender Inequality Problem Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight For Years (Bustle)

Hollywood’s Biased Definitions Of ‘Heroism’ And ‘Bravery’ (Bustle)

Celebrity Profiles:

The ‘Transparent’ Season 4 Cast Say The Amazon Series Has Made Them Question Their Own Assigned Identities (Interview with Jill Soloway, Judith Light, Amy Landecker, Rob Huebel, Gaby Hoffman, and Jay Duplass for Bustle)

What Sofia Coppola Really Thinks About Those ‘The Beguiled’ Racism Accusations (Interview with Sofia Coppola for Bustle)

‘She’s Gotta Have It’s’ Cleo Anthony Got A Crash Course In Being Woke From Spike Lee (Interview with actor Cleo Anthony for Bustle)

Lizz Winstead Has Superpowers (Interview with Lizz Winstead for Splitsider)

Opinion Pieces About TV Shows & Films:

How The Obsession With Ally’s Beauty In ‘A Star Is Born’ Undermines Lady Gaga’s Philosophy Of Self-Acceptance (Bustle)

‘The Disaster Artist’ Wants You To Root For Its Underdog Hero But Here’s Why You Actually Shouldn’t (Bustle)

Current Events:

A New Letter From Time’s Up Reveals Shocking Facts About Transgender Representation In Hollywood (Bustle)

Charles Barkley is worried about ‘girls basketball’ style catching on and we have some questions (HelloGiggles)

Don’t Care About Virtual Reality? Here’s Why You Should (Heleo)


“‘Nothing is Going to Get Better. It’s Not’ And More Dr. Seuss Quotes That Fit Today’s… Situation” (BullshitIst)

“The Avant Gardener” (Medium)

More About Me


Born in Hoboken, NJ then raised in Ashland, OR, I have always had a penchant for understanding the puzzling paradoxes of society spanning from coast-to-coast and beyond. Writing has become my vehicle.

The media and its immeasurable power to influence cultures has also long fascinated me. Once I entered college at The George Washington University, I signed up to take classes in media studies. I was soon admitted into The School of Media and Public Affairs to study journalism. However, my curiosity got the best of me that year, and I decided to transfer to Colorado College where the grass was greener simply because there was no grass of any color at GW’s urban campus. At the small Liberal Arts college in Colorado Springs, I expanded my storytelling repertoire by producing short documentary films, and writing sketch comedy shows and creative nonfiction.

After graduating in May of 2015, I have continued looking skeptically at things that fascinate me, like the impact that Hollywood has on shaping society’s gender roles and the potential for reality TV to empower and portray women with complex nuance. I strive to both participate in the entertainment industry and question its role in reinforcing oppressive hierarchical identities, and if you’re wondering if I ever just watch a movie and relax the answer is no unless it’s When Harry Met Sally because that movie has some miraculous calming effect on me.

Since moving to Brooklyn, I worked as an Editorial Fellow/Assistant for a media startup, Heleo.com. I have also taken classes in improv at Magnet Theater and sketch writing at UCB. For almost two years I was a Weekend Writer for HelloGiggles.com, and I started working for Bustle.com as a Movies and Entertainment News Writer in 2017. Since then, I’ve expanded my freelance writing portfolio and I intend to continue doing so.

For leisure (yes I identify as Lady of Leisure with a day job) I practice yoga, I knit, I think I should go on a hike, and I search for hiking trails online. No I don’t actually go on hikes, but merely thinking about and planning to do so while living in NYC takes up enough time that I find my days adequately filled.



In 2018, I decided to make the podcast I wanted to see in the world. It’s called Deck the Pod, and as you can probably infer from the name, it’s a podcast about Christmas music. As a devoted fan of Christmas music — even though I wasn’t raised Christian and am ethnically Jewish — I’ve observed that Christmas music rouses strong feelings from people. You either love it, or hate it.

If you love it, you start listening to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” way before it’s showing signs of snow, and if you hate it, you dread going to Rite Aid for fear of hearing Michael Bublé’s voice crooning a Christmas standard. I fall into the former category, but even among Xmas music fans, not all are alike. There are those who love pop holiday songs and rap covers and the purists who refuse to listen to seasonal songs by anyone but Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby.

Listen below or check out the podcast either on iTunes or Soundcloud. Season 2 will come out in December 2019!